About Me

Sam Fraser

Sam Fraser, aka Fortysomething Fan Girl, is a journalist and presenter from the South of England.

She goes to a lot of dinner parties where people discuss their second homes, their investment portfolios and their plans for retirement.

She’s toasted other people’s longed-for voluntary redundancy, the last instalment of school fees and their final mortgage payments.

She wanders around homes with underfloor heating, entry systems and room thermostats.

And she finds herself asking: When did everybody get this grown up?

She wonders why she doesn’t have underfloor heating, a share in a race horse and a company car.

Why she’s still wearing clothes she had at university. Why she still has nineteen years to run on the mortgage. And why she hasn’t shopped around for cheaper insurance.

It occurs to her that she may never truly reach adulthood.

To make herself feel better about  this whole growing up thing, she’s coined the term ‘Executive Youth’. 

Yes, her chronology, her intolerance of litter and misplaced apostrophes and her eye watering pension payments very much shriek ‘middle aged’, but in her head, she’s still 23. Or even 33. Or 43.

And that’s how she’s going to stay, no matter what her mother says.

If you’re between 40 and Death and you’d rather spend a weekend squandering your loot  in Berlin than pay for an upgrade for your boiler, why, you too are in Executive Youth.

On these pages, you’ll find her Guide to Executive Youth where it’s ok not to be young.

If you’re between 40 and death and have ever considered a National Trust membership, this blog is for you.